Several people may not be aware of the choice to use LPG. They’ve heard of it but are unsure about its usage, or they don’t know where to start to make the switch. When it comes to heating – at home, in an industry or a business setup, there are multiple choices, including LPG. In terms of global energy, LPG is now a prominent option on the map as it offers numerous ways to meet the world’s varied energy needs. There are compelling economic, social and environmental benefits of using LPG as part of the global energy transition. At Anil Engineering, we’re an Indian company focused on helping businesses and homes switch to LPG and embrace all its advantages.

Want some solid reasons to make the switch? Here are the top 5:

1. It’s Good for the Environment

Using LPG as a cooking fuel has several environmental payoffs. But when it’s used as an internal combustion engine fuel, it has various benefits as well. Compared to oil or coal, LPG generates lower amounts of carbon dioxide. It is a clean-burning source of energy that has minimum impact on the environment. Compared to oil, which has a high probability of leakage, LPG cannot contaminate water or soil. It produces 40% fewer emissions than oil and reduces greenhouse emissions by 70%.

2. It’s Safer for your Employees/Family

LPG is one of the safest alternative fuels for use at home and in business. Manufacturers add a unique odour so that you can easily recognize and detect leaks. It is also non-toxic and cannot be ingested. LPG is stored in regulated tanks with safety valves and various other safety mechanisms to prevent rupture. It ensures your workplace is always safe and secure.

3. It offers a Higher Heating Efficiency

Typically, oil furnaces can produce heat at around 60% efficiency. LPG furnaces are far more efficient and offer 90% efficiency in most cases. This results in savings and produces better results at home or in an industry where heating is a primary concern.

4. It’s Cost-Effective

When you switch from Furnace Oil to LPG, you can save 11%, LDO to LPG savings are around 20% and shifting from HSD to LPG can save more than 25%. LPG is an economical fuel as the stoves and burners also require less maintenance. You also don’t need a pre-heating and pumping system for LPG.

5. It’s Easy to Transport and Store

In regular conditions, LPG is a gaseous material, but it’s stored under pressure that turns it into a liquid. As a result, it is effortless to transport and gives it an edge over other energy sources. It’s also simple and convenient to store LPG easily without any danger.

In an industrial environment that is in a rural or off-grid location, a convenient, low-carbon and easy-to-install convenient energy source is vital. When you switch to LPG, liquified petroleum gas, you get both financial and environmental benefits. Not to mention, LPG will be in plenty of supply in the future, adding a sense of security for commercial energy managers.

Go Green and make a natural choice. If you want to set up an LPG station in your industrial premise or small business setup, Anil Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has many solutions with some of the best vaporizers in the country.

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