Liquid Off Take (LOT) System is an advanced concept in multi-cylinder installations for bulk LPG functionality. LOT systems can cater to volumes up to 250 kg per hour installation, which can overcome various problems and the demerits of bulk installation with the conventional manifold Vapour Off Take (VOT) systems. The LPG LOT system can withdraw LPG up to 10 kg per hour. The rate at which LPG in the cylinder is discharged is 4 kg/hour.

Initially, cylinders were introduced in India owing to the shortage of space and availability for the VOT multi-cylinder bank. LOT systems save space in places of high gas consumption – these include star hotels, small, medium and large-scale industries wherein the installation of bulk LPG tanks aren’t possible.

Since liquid LPG is drawn instead of conventional vapour, a specially designed vapourizer is used to convert it into gas form so that it can be used for the desired applications.

There are many advantages of LOT systems as compared to VOT, making them a smarter choice.

The top 8 advantages of LOT include:

1. Less Requirement for Space

Currently, space is extremely expensive and owning or renting it can be a big burden on businesses. With LOT installations, you can save a lot of space in your business. It requires far less area than the traditional bulk installations.

2. Cost-Effective

LOT systems are also considerably cheaper than bulk installations and they end up saving a lot of money and resources for your business.

3. Easily Available

Today, you can find LOT installations with all major LPG handling companies in India. In fact, you can go #VocalforLocal and support businesses in India by embracing LPG installations for your business.

4. Convenient to Handle

Worried if your workers and staff members will be able to manage the new switch to LPG? With LOT installations, convenience is synonymous, so everyone in your restaurant, hotel or industry will be able to easily learn about the handling systems.

5. Constant Pressure with No Residual Loss

When it comes to LOT installations, you can look forward to constant pressure for your applications with no downtime. Also, since there’s no residual loss, you can save on time and money, ensuring that you use 100% of the LPG.

6. No License Required

If you are looking for LOT systems for the installation of less than 1000 kg, you don’t need statutory approvals or any licensing. This helps reduce your costs and hassles in the long run.

7. Zero Maintenance Cost

Once you install the LOT system, you won’t have to worry about its maintenance for a long time. It is a minimum maintenance system with maximum benefits!

8. High ROI

If your daily consumption is higher than 40 cylinders, the return on investment with your LOT system can be within 4 years. This means you can recover all your money and look forward to many more years of smooth LPG usage and optimum utilization of gas.

At Anil Engineering, we offer end-to-end solutions for LOT systems installations with vapourizers and complete service support. Contact us today to switch to LPG and embrace the countless benefits of LOT.

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