As India is gasping for breath dealing with the prevailing Covid-19 crisis, a number of hospitals, healthcare centres, and government agencies are looking for ways to ease the shortage of oxygen in the country. With many oxygen infrastructure and facilities lacking behind and leading to the loss of lives in hospitals, it is time to reconsider how oxygen is transported and stored to ensure maximum benefits to patients during this challenging time.

As a technologically-driven engineering company, Anil Engineering Pvt. Ltd. constantly delivers innovative and world-class products, manufactured in India. Currently, looking at this crisis, we bring you high-performance ambient air vapourizers. The cryogenic products bring you the safety, efficiency and economy you expect in uncertain times.

All about Ambient Air Vapourizers

Ambient Air Vapourizers utilize thermal energy from the atmosphere to vapourize the cryogenic fluids. The vapourizers can be used in various environments with different atmospheric conditions. The unique wide-spaced construction ensures an optimal design for both short and long run times, including freeze periods. After the installation, the units don’t require any additional operational or maintenance cost, ensuring a cost-effective solution for multiple vapourizing solutions.

The uncomplicated heat exchangers vapourize liquified gas using the heat that’s absorbed from ambient air (hence the name). As a result of this simple operation principle, the vapourizers don’t need external power – saving a lot of energy costs. The natural draft ambient air vapourizers don’t have any movable parts which ensures zero operational expense (OPEX) and low maintenance. You can select a low or high pressure vapourizer as per the requirement and also get custom sizes from Anil Engineering.

Benefits of Ambient Air Vapourizers

At AEPL, we understand that the decisive factors in your satisfaction as a customer include optimal efficiency, ease of maintenance, operating safety, long life, and environmental compatibility and quality. With our Ambient Air Vapourizers, you can save energy costs with our new-age products for cryogenic gases. It ensures maximum air circulation due to the optimized fin and vapourizer geometrics.

Our high and low-pressure vapourizers are designed to function with cryogenic tanks and are ideal for operations that require converting cryogenic liquid to gas.

Convenient Solution

Our ambient air vapourizers are easy to assemble without any need for welding. The expandable and modular design works for different plant sizes. Our vapourizers are low in weight and come in an efficient space-saving design.

Reliable Performance

The wide gap design ensures superior air flow and the increased ground clearance enhances the heat transfer by natural convection. The internal mixing design also promotes heat transfer.

Smart Design

The efficient fin tube design prolongs the life of the vapourizer. They are also cleaned for oxygen service and Equipped with finned aluminium external heat transfer elements that deliver higher capacities, performance, longer life and faster defrosting.

Ideal for the Medical Industry

While our ambient air vapourizers work perfectly for a number of industries and manufacturing applications, currently, they are the ideal solution for the healthcare crisis in India. We can ensure fast delivery and help hospitals make their own oxygen, saving the lives of many patients.

At Anil Engineering, we want to deliver high-end products that help customers in countless ways. Our ambient air vapourizers have already received a lot of appreciation from government agencies from across the country and we’re serving many hospitals at the moment. If you need a trusted and reliable solution for your oxygen storing and handling needs, consider an ambient air vapourizer from AEPL today!

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