Cryogenic liquids are liquified gases that are stored at extremely low temperatures in their liquid state. In fact, the meaning of the word cryogenic is producing or related to low temperatures. All cryogenic liquids are extremely cold and mostly have boiling points below -1500 C. In order to maintain the low temperatures and protect the cryogenic liquids, specific equipment is required. Usually, cryogenic liquids are shipped in thermal insulated containers. They are designed to withstand high and rapid temperature changes and also major differences in temperature.

At Anil Engineering, we design and manufacture high-quality cryogenic tanks for storing and transporting cryogenic liquids with utmost care and precision. However, to maintain the temperatures and ensure the safety of the cryogenic liquids or gases, we also offer LOT (liquid off-take system) equipment to our customers. These include:

Pressure Relief Valves

Backed by over 5 decades of expertise and engineering knowledge, we are able to design and develop some of the most powerful vent valves. For smooth storage of cryogenic liquids, there are special demands on the valve requirements in the tank equipment. They must be designed as per the applicable standards of the industry as well as the operating point of the products in the tank. With our pressure relief valves, you can ensure that the maximum allowable operating pressure of the tank does not exceed. These valves achieve maximum tightness to the set pressure and come with reliable switching components.

At Anil Engineering, we make safety valves for tank mounting, pop action safety valves for general application, thermal safety valves and angle type safety valves for large tanks.


Anil Engineering’s vapourizers are an integral component of the LOT system for cryogenic liquids. LOT systems offer an advanced concept in case of multi-cylinder installations and can overcome the challenges of VOT systems. It is highly used in commercial and industrial settings wherein only high pressure is required. The LOT system draws liquid using valves and converts it into vapour using a vapourizer. It is highly efficient for bulk installations wherein the requirement for vapour is much higher. These systems are compact, safe and cost-effective as the complete liquid is drawn from the tank or cylinder with no residual loss.

Anil Engineering offers various types of vapourizers for different cryogenic liquids and tanks. These include ambient air vapourizers that are extensively used for oxygen, especially in the medical industry. During the pandemic, the ambient air vapourizers helped a lot of hospitals and healthcare centres to store and use oxygen with ease and confidence.

The vapourizers have minimum maintenance costs and require less space as well.

Anil Engineering specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality cryogenic tanks for all industrial and commercial purposes. Whether you need a small tank or a gigantic one, our team of designers and engineers can help you in the entire process. We are also experts in turnkey project management for all types of cryogenic liquids.

If you want to setup your cryogenic tank with all the right safety equipment, call us today!

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