India’s rapidly growing urban population and the increasing penetration of LPG in rural India has led to tremendous growth in the demand for this natural gas. India is now the second-largest consumer of LPG in the world. The government is also continuously making efforts to promote clean fuel and increase the adoption of LPG by consumers. That’s why LPG consumption is expected to see double-digit sustained growth in the years to come.

As the government promoted clean cooking fuel for every household, India’s demand for LPG is projected to rise by 34% in 2025. The LPG consumption is expected to grow at around 30.3 million tonnes in 2025 and nearly 40.6 million tonnes in 2040.

Anil Engineering’s Vision for the Future

At Anil Engineering, we are committed to becoming a responsible energy company. As India leaps towards LPG consumption in different industries and households, we help bring you the best LPG handling systems to make use of LPG smarter and easier.

LPG applications are increasing rapidly all around the world and it’s a natural fuel that’s suited for India’s rising energy needs and also our environmental concerns. With new technologies and modern solutions, we are prepared to support these growths with our solutions.

Why LPG is the Future of Green Energy?

Liquified Petroleum Gas, or LPG is a mixture of propane and butane and has a high calorific value. It is less polluting due to its low sulphur content and can be used in many different ways as an energy-efficient solution. It is known to improve operational and environmental performance, making it a reliable, consistent and exceptional energy source that’s innovative, too.

We enable LPG consumption across commercial, industrial, and automotive requirements.

Automotive LPG

As 8 of the 10 largest car manufacturers in the world are producing LPG-powered cars, we’re proud of the direction in which automotive LPG is headed in India. It is helping India’s transition to cleaner fuels, improving the air quality and offers abundant supply with low prices. LPG can help resolve the problem of India’s pollution hit cities as it has 50% fewer PM emissions than petrol and CNG and 80% lower than diesel.

Industrial LPG

Anil Engineering specializes in industrial LPG handling systems and we urge many companies to switch to LPG with our support and guidance. We can help in the complete plant setup and also offer all the required materials and equipment to make LPG a staple in your business. We also provide customized solutions for larger industrial needs.

Commercial LPG

To promote LPG in small-scale industries and setups, we have come up with the world’s first mini vapourizer – MX Pro, which makes it possible for smaller companies to also embrace LPG and its benefits without any hassles.

Scaling LPG Infrastructure in India

In the last few years, there has been a tremendous increase in investments in LPG infrastructure. Today, there are many more import terminals, bottling plants, distribution channels and retail outlets to enable smooth consumption of LPG in the country.

By making LPG more affordable and accessible, we are moving towards a cleaner and greener future, not just for our country but also for our planet.

If you’re ready to embrace all the benefits of LPG and make it a mainstream fuel for India, contact Anil Engineering today to make the switch!

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