Your LPG cylinder or tank has liquid propane, but your equipment burns vapour. Have you ever wondered how this all works?

LPG is stored and transported as a liquid under pressure. For your equipment to use the LPG in the storage tank, it must undergo vapourization – a change of state from liquid to vapour within the tank or cylinder before it is combusted by the consuming equipment like heater, burner, etc. Natural vapourization is one technique to convert the liquid to vapour, but that is highly dependent on the ambient temperature and the tank size and fill level, which may not always be conducive for vapourization.

A practical alternative solution is to use vapourizers. A vapourizer is essentially a boiler that does not build pressure. They are an integral part of many LPG and propane systems and are suitable for various applications. Although vapourizers don’t build any additional pressure, they offer protection against refrigeration that can cause loss of pressure and frosting.

Anil Engineering Pvt. Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacturing of various vapourizers, including the classic vapourizer – one of our best-selling product offerings.

Key Features of the Classic Vapourizer:

Our classic vapourizer offers a flame-proof control panel, protecting your assets at work – including your people and possessions. It has an in-built water controller that regulates the levels in multiple storage tanks and containers. The vapourizer also has an electrical solenoid valve that can control the liquid inlet to avoid excess in the tank. The in-built liquid trap is another safety feature that ensures the separation of heavy components from LPG vapours. Also, it is installed in manifold systems to improve the combustion quality of the fuel and ensure complete safety of the LPG installation. The liquid trap also ensures there’s no liquid at the outlet of the vapourizer. In case of over vapour pressure, there’s also a pressure switch to cut off the liquid inlet. The classic vapourizer also comes with a liquid level switch.

Key Benefits of the Classic Vapourizer:

The vapourizer comes with a heat exchanger that’s designed using high-quality SS 304 to minimize maintenance and ensure rust-free operation. The coil of the vapourizer is made of SS 304 with a nickel plating, giving you complete peace of mind because of the safe material use. The in-built safety valve and water temperature settings help you adjust the vapourizer as per your individual industrial requirements. All AEPL vapourizers come with a safety valve to open and relieve excess pressure from the equipment.

The high-quality insulation with an aluminium cladding ensures minimum heat loss. Our vapourizers also come with an in-house heater along with a 2-year warranty.
The classic vapourizer is best suited for customers who have an LPG consumption up to 1000 kg/hr. This vapourizer is perfect for various industrial purposes like the food and beverage industry, automobiles, steel industry and many more.

When you choose the classic vapourizer, you can utilize 100% of the LPG in your tank or cylinder, thus reducing your delivery frequency and also minimizing the overall costs.

If you’d like to know more about our classic vapourizers or want to install one in your industrial area, call us on 02268192832 today!

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