LPG or Liquified Petroleum Gas is a portable, clean and efficient source of energy that’s readily available to consumers across the world. While it is primarily obtained from natural gas and oil production, it is also now being produced from renewable sources. As it is a versatile energy source, there are almost 1000 different applications for LPG.

In liquid form, LPG looks a lot like water. But it is twice as heavy as air and half as heavy as water. And due to its unique properties, one litre of liquid LPG can expand to 270 litres of gaseous energy. This makes it super convenient to transport LPG in a compact container.

LPG is Gaining Immense Popularity

Today, LPG is preferred in many industries due to its varied uses and ease of storage and transportation. For industries, the major concerns in choosing the right fuel involve quality control, costs, efficiency, heat controllability, environmental sustainability, and more. As LPG addresses and resolves most of these challenges, it is the ideal fuel choice for many industrial applications.

LPG is known to be a pure and clean energy source that offers even and controllable heat. Thus, it is a preferred heat and power source for many companies and households, too. Also, since it is free from sulphur, it can be used safely for sensitive situations like chemical processes. It’s also used for process heating to power furnaces, industrial ovens, kilns, machinery and food processing units.

Why Switch to LPG?

Whether you own an industrial or manufacturing unit, a small commercial kitchen or have a home business, there are many reasons why you should consider LPG for your power, energy or fuel needs. It offers clean burning and there’s no soot residue, ensuring a higher life for your burners and lower maintenance costs.

The flame temperature is easily controllable and the effects of corrosion are highly reduced. Also, if you want to be an eco-friendly resident of Planet Earth, LPG is an environment-friendly fuel with minimum sulphur content and sulphur-free emissions.

LPG also ensures high efficiency, helping you make your business more profitable. The instant heat assures faster warm-up and cool-down minimizing downtime or wastage of time for your workforce. LPG’s rates are also standard and affordable, making it a cost-effective solution.

Anil Engineering’s Expertise in LPG

If you’re ready to switch to LPG, we can help you throughout the entire process – right from planning, designing to the final execution and daily operations. Anil Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers of LPG vapourizers – to help you store LPG in its liquified form at relatively low pressures. We also offer a lot of safety equipment like pressure relief valves, excess flow check valves, content gauges, ball valves and more.

We also help businesses setup the entire LPG station or an LPG fuelling station for vehicles with the support of our highly technical and professional teams. We’ve completed over 50 years of assisting businesses switch to LPG and promote a greener future.

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