A lot of investment is in the pipeline to ensure that LPG remains an integral part of India’s low carbon energy mix. LPG is suitable for many highly efficient new technologies in homes and business, making it one of the top choices for energy efficiency and environmental performance. The LPG industry is exploring many innovative ways to reduce emissions and offer CO2 savings and greenhouse gas reductions in the transportation sector. In addition, LPG is half the cost of petrol and causes no pollution. Not to mention, it promises a longer engine life, too.

A Glorious Past, a Prosperous Future

LPG was discovered by Dr. Walter Snelling, an American scientist, in 1912. He realized that gases could be changed into liquids and stored under moderate pressure. Between 1912 and 1920, LPG uses were developed. In fact, the first LPG cookstove came into existence in 1912 itself, and the first LPG fuelled car was developed in the year 1913. By 1920, LPG was sold commercially. Back then, Dr. Snelling may not have known the impact this fuel would have in the world within the next 100+ years. Today, LPG powers millions of kitchens globally and is used in various industrial heating applications and automobiles, too.

Compared to household or commercial kitchen needs, the fuel requirements are exponentially higher in the industrial segment. So, along with being an efficient alternative, LPG also helps businesses save money, making it an asset for every business owner.

LPG’s carbon dioxide emissions are lower than other liquid fuels and electricity, too. Since a lot of electricity in India is generated through thermal power plants and not renewable sources, LPG offers an opportunity in this segment as well.

If we all switch to LPG for various uses and applications, we can save our planet in many ways. Here are some of the top reasons why LPG is the fuel of the future:

Lower Costs –

Since the calorific value of LPG is higher than other liquid fuels, it processes more in less time. Considering the heat transfer efficiency and unit fuel cost, LPG is a cost-effective fuel.

Lower Carbon Footprint –

As LPG releases lower amounts of CO2 compared to other liquid fuels, it promotes a greener future for our planet and our people.

Lower Maintenance –

Since LPG offers complete combustion, no soot or carbon particle formations exist in the combustion systems. As a result, burners and furnaces require less maintenance.

Higher Quality & Productivity –

The finished product quality is much higher with uniform heating using LPG. Similarly, the high calorific value ensures a higher number of batches processed with LPG, boosting productivity.

LPG is a highly versatile fuel and has over 1000 applications. Moreover, since it is a fuel that’s both customer-friendly and environment friendly, it has a bright and prosperous future in India and the world.

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