As an industrial setup, you must have felt the brunt of the lockdown and the rules impacting your operations. While many industries continued to operate with minimum workers and all safety precautions, many others had to stay shut for long months. During the second wave, industries also couldn’t use oxygen in their premises as all the oxygen had to be redirected to healthcare facilities and hospitals to care for patients suffering from breathlessness. In such a scenario, what can you do in your industrial setup to prepare for restarting better?

At Anil Engineering, we’ve helped many industrialists and business owners take stock of their equipment and operations and upgrade it during the last few months. Since operations are slow and demand is low, you can now focus on giving time to your manufacturing or processing unit and upgrade to the latest technologies to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

If you’re using LPG in your industry and don’t have a vapourizer or want to upgrade your vapourizer, read to know why ambient air vapourizers can be an excellent choice.

Why Use a Vapourizer?

LPG is stored and transported as a liquid under pressure and your equipment burns vapour. This process is simplified with a vapourizer. It helps to change the phase of the LPG from liquid to vapour within the cylinder before it is combusted by your consuming equipment. The rate of the natural vapourization in the tank is a function of two factors, namely the ambient temperature and the tank size and fill level. But vapourization requires heat (energy). When you use a vapourizer, it acts as a boiler that does not build pressure. LPG enters the vapourizer in liquid form and exits as gas. Vapourizers are an integral aspect of LPG systems and are suitable for multiple applications and in various industries.

Why Consider Ambient Air Vapourizers?

In current times, a number of hospitals are using ambient air vapourizers and cryogenic tanks to store and create their own oxygen. If you’re considering installing an ambient air vapourizer in your industry, here are a few things you should know.

Ambient air vapourizers are ideal for vapourizing oxygen, nitrogen and LPG along with other cryogenic liquids at low temperatures. There’s a huge temperature difference between ambient air and cryogenic fluid, leading to frost formation. The process utilizes heat exchanges to vapourize the liquified gas by using heat that’s absorbed from the ambient air.

This simplicity of the process doesn’t need any external power as ambient air becomes the primary source of energy. The vertically oriented heat exchanges are considered a boon in the pandemic and we, at Anil Engineering, are doing our best to provide ambient air vapourizers to as many services and applications as we can.

As an industry, you can consider installing these systems for the future and look forward to a cost-effective vapourization. We follow all safety standards and ensure performance-driven and quality-oriented products for all LPG and oxygen handling systems.

If you’re looking to revisit your operations in the industrial setup and want some consultation, Anil Engineering will be happy to help. We also have various other vapourizers for small-scale and large-scale industries at cost-effective prices.

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