If you’ve been operating your small business with LPG cylinders for a while and feel like it’s time to upgrade, a mini vapourizer may be just what you need. But if you’re worried about the costs involved, you should know that vapourizers are actually the ultimate cost-saving device for LPG tank owners. And with a mini vapourizer, you won’t need as much space or investment, but yet, you can enjoy all the benefits of a vapourizer.

Why Choose a Mini Vapourizer?

With the help of a vapourizer, you can extract as much LPG as you desire from the tank. Without a vapourizer, nearly 30% of the LPG may get stuck in the bottom of the tank as it cannot vapourize. Since you get the full-benefit of your tank’s capacity from a vapourizer, it turns out to be a great cost-saving device for small businesses.

A small and compact vapourizer design can transform the way you use LPG – whether it is in a commercial kitchen, a hotel, a small factory, restaurant or any other small business that needs LPG.

Mini Vapourizers are best suited for customers using LPG up to 40 kg/h and ideal for LOT installations. In addition, the wall-mountain design saves your floor space so if you’re running your operations in a smaller area, you don’t have to worry!

Similarly, the Mini Vapourizer comes with a simple electrical design and top-rated safety features like an in-built safety valve and water temperature settings to protect your workforce and your workplace.

Key Reasons to Switch to an LPG Vapourizer:

1. Faster Start-up Time

Many customers often complain about the long start-up times for vapourizers – up to 45 minutes. At Anil Engineering, we understand that time is money for your small business and bring you a mini vapourizer that starts in an instant. This also means you can turn it off over the weekends and holidays, saving energy and bills.

2. Easy Maintenance

One of the main reasons small businesses don’t invest in vapourizers is the maintenance worries – costs and time involved. With MX Pro, Anil Engineering’s flagship Mini Vapourizer, you can be assured of easy and minimum maintenance for your systems. It is definitely one of the easiest vapourizers out there!

3. Constant Gas Supply

If you’re highly dependent on getting LPG for your business, we recommend you opt for a vapourizer as it ensures constant gas supply, minimizing downtime for your business. Since the pandemic, efficiency at work is more important than ever and our mini vapourizer – MX Pro assures you of uninterrupted gas supply at all times.

4. Safety is a Priority

With Anil Engineering’s MX Pro, you can be assured of safe LPG usage throughout the system’s lifecycle. A safety valve is installed at the LPG outlet to keep your premises and staff safe in case of any troubles with the LPG system. The supply of LPG also stops in liquid form when the water temperature has fallen below the set temperature.

If you’re on the fence about installing a mini vapourizer for your business, talk to our experts to understand all about MX Pro in detail. After manufacturing some of the world’s largest vapourizers, we’re happy to present this compact, cost-effective and highly efficient mini vapourizer.

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