Anil Engineering specializes in the manufacturing of LPG bullets and LPG mounded bullets at affordable prices while assuring high quality. Backed by our incredible knowledge and expertise in this respective field, we are specialists in delivering premium LPG bullet tanks. The tanks are extensively used for keeping and storing LPG and offer a viable solution for industrial applications. Since we only use high-quality materials and advanced technologies to manufacture the tanks, they are widely used all over India for their salient features. Also, the quality range helps us build a steady position in the marketplace.

What are LPG Bullets?

LPG bullets are massive capacity tank-like structures that are named after the specially shaped bullets. The primary use of LPG bullets is to save liquid petroleum gas safely and efficiently. We manufacture LPG bullets using top-grade materials that are tough and tensile, resulting in highly durable and long-lasting products. Anil Engineering can offer LPG bullets to clients across the country at a reasonable cost for multiple industrial utilities.

LPG is stored explicitly in spherical tanks in liquid form so that the highly pressurized system keeps it in liquid form. In the spherical shape, uniform pressure is equally distributed. Also, since there are no edges to the bullet, there are no chances of uneven pressure areas. 

We also offer mounded LPG bullets with many interesting features that provide countless advantages to our clients. 

Features & Benefits of LPG Mounded Bullets

In recent times, the storage of gases can become a challenging problem, especially considering the safety issues. Using mounded bullets is a feasible solution, as the design of mounded storage vessels are more complicated than conventional above-ground spheres or bullets. The mounded bullets offer horizontal pressure vessels intended to store pressurized LPG under an ambient temperature. In the mounded storage facility, a mound of inert material or earth is used to cover the bullet and kept above the ground.

The mounded bullet installation is also space-efficient and offers the possibility of partial or completely off-site construction. They are installed on sand bed foundations in a way that allows the load to be transferred uniformly to the underlying sand.


  • The LPG bullets or mounded storage tanks are fully covered with soil, and only the manhole, dome, and other nozzles are protruding outside. 
  • Since no fire is possible below the tanks, it eliminates the possibility of BLEVE – boiling liquid expanding vapour explosion.
  • The mound cover protects the vessel from heat radiation from any nearby fire, the impact of flying objects, pressure waves from an explosion, sabotage, etc.
  • A smaller site area is required due to less stringent interspacing requirements.

Anil Engineering can supply multiple LPG bullets and systems in various sizes as per client requirements on a turnkey basis. As a leading manufacturer of LPG bullets, LPG mounded bullet tanks, and industrial LPG mounded bullets, we have executed end-to-end storage facilities, including civil, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation.

If you have any requirements for LPG bullets, get in touch with our technical experts today.

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