3 Piece type Ball Valve

Key Features

  • Material use are of type SS 304 and A105
  • High quality steel is used like Carbon steel and stainless steel to give it a solid structure.
  • Available with end connections like Screwed & flanged ends.
  • Nominal bore (NB) ranging from NB 15 – NB 100
  • The end caps are typically threaded or flanged type and the main body section may be easily removed for cleaning or repair.
  • This can be a very valuable option because it prevents a line shutdown if maintenance in line is required after the ball valve.

Key Benefits

  • Seat leak test is performed for all our ball valves.
  • Custom designed valves are also available for clients with specialty configurations.
  • Ball Valve requires low maintenance and can be quickly put to use in a quarterly rotation movement.

The Best Use For

  • Ball Valves are used for flow and pressure control and shut off for corrosive fluids, slurries, normal liquid and gases.
  • They are used in the oil and natural gas industry, but also find a place in many manufacturing sectors, chemical storage, and even residential uses.
  • Air, gaseous, and liquid applications requiring bubble-tight service
  • Low-point drains and high-point vents in liquid, gaseous, and other fluid services
  • Instrument root valves
  • Cooling water and feed water systems
  • Steam service
  • Three-piece ball valves are most commonly found in manufacturing facilities and are available in a wide variety of connection types, including:
  • Female National Pipe Taper (FNPT)
  • Socket Weld
  • Flanged End
Available Sizes 1'', 1.5",2"
End connection THREADED X FLANGE
Body IS2062
Spindle SS304
End adaptor A105