At Anil Engineering, we’re committed to making the necessary changes – for our planet and our future. We want to contribute in creating an ecological and sustainable tomorrow, backed by our ability to promote cleaner fuels and gases. We take our environmental, social and governance responsibilities with 100% commitment and dedication and work towards building a brighter future for the coming generations.

Environmental Responsibilities

We take our environmental responsibilities to keep our planet safe very seriously. As a company, we follow stringent guidelines to minimize our carbon footprint and do our bit to help recycle and reuse. Our commitment to promoting a greener future with LPG also helps us contribute towards a sustainable future. Our energy reduction initiatives with our efficient products are definitely aimed to build a greener and cleaner tomorrow.

Social Responsibilities

Handling LPG equipment carries a fair share of risk and thus, Anil Engineering takes utmost care to ensure the safety of all those involved in the product usage or operations. We undertake training for all our customers’ employees to help minimize the hazardous risks of LPG and maximize safety on-site. We also conduct various safety trainings in-house to keep our team updated with the right methods for using our products and LPG. Our social responsibilities drive us to promote a safer and more secure community around us.

Anil Governance

We believe that when our employees will operate in a given instance on the basis of the values we uphold; the behaviour will be ethical and appropriate for Anil Engineering’s standards. We aspire to create a customer-focused and high-performance organization that delivers value for all its stakeholders. We take various steps to strengthen the government at Anil Engineering to keep our business in line with the best global safety practices.