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Our Team

The dynamic duo Mr. V. Sudarshan Chandrasekhar, Managing Director and Mrs. Dhivya Sriram, Director have infused the business with renewed energy and set new benchmarks for success and prosperity.


V. Sudarshan

Managing Director

Global Innovator

When you want to disrupt or even revolutionize an industry, you need a visionary to lead the way. At its core, innovation is often the foundation of disruption, and for an industry like engineering, futuristic technologies can truly take people to new heights.

That’s why V. Sudharshan Chandrasekhar is so much more than the Managing Director at Anil Engineering Pvt. Ltd. He’s the innovator and disruptor – working towards always challenging the present to build a smarter, sustainable, and innovative future.

He has earned his post-graduate degree in ME, specializing in Industrial Safety engineering, Certified Safety and Reliability Engineering. As a graduate in Mechanical Engineering, his passion has always been to build and innovate world-class engineering products.

He began his career as the MD of Anil Engineering Pvt. Ltd. from the year 2014, and it is one of the most fulfilling stunts in his professional growth. Ever since he took on the responsibilities at Anil Engineering, he has developed four new products and also applied for a patent for one of his designs.

His ability to take up challenges and design new products and solutions for them makes him an innovator at the company. He’s also the architect and business lead of the operations with a critical focus on sales and productivity growth, product development, talent development and safety and quality improvements.

People-Oriented Leader.png

Mrs. Dhivya Sriram

People-Oriented Leader

An inspiring woman who dons multiple hats at home and work, Mrs. Dhivya Sriram is a visionary transforming the engineering industry with futuristic technologies and innovative solutions.

An MA holder in HRM, Dhivya plays a strategic role in handling the administration and operations for the smooth running of the business. She successfully juggles between her home and office, managing her 4-year-old daughter and her 50+ blue-collar workforce every day. Despite the multiple challenges of taking over a business and transforming it, she has emerged victorious as a leader who is ready to build a smarter, sustainable and innovative future.

She’s now handling multiple businesses – including Anil Engineering Pvt. Ltd. and V. S. Pressure Vessels and Gas Projects Pvt. Ltd. across multiple locations like Mumbai and Chennai. Her dedication towards building a ‘Make in India’ company and spreading wings in the global market has been instrumental in all the success achieved by the companies. She has also established a foreign subsidy of Anil Engineering and is ready for new challenges and new innovations.

She’s led Anil Engineering to new heights of success ever since 2014 when she took over the company with her husband. Now, she’s looking forward to a market share of 40% and above in international geographies, too.

As pioneers in vaporizers, Dhivya has grasped incredible knowledge and skill-set in the engineering domain and handles all aspects of the business with ease and expertise. Dhivya is the perfect example of a modern-age women entrepreneur who’s seen her fair share of emotional turmoil and business ups and downs. Yet, it is her strength and capability that makes her stand out and make a real difference in the world. She’s promoting sustainability and green futures with her companies and unique ideas.