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R & D

At Anil Engineering, we invest in in-house R&D to bring new and improved products to the Indian and International Markets. In our quest to set new benchmarks in the Vaporizer industry, we’ve also earned a first-of-its-kind patent on our Dri X Vaporizer. Our team constantly strives to bring innovative ideas and solutions to resolve the challenges of the industry.

Dry Electric Type Vapourisor01Anil

Dri Vaporizer

Dri X Pro (Dry) is our most celebrated product as it has earned an Indian patent and offers a new way to Vaporizer LPG and other gases. The electrical Vaporizer is smart, compact and elegant in design. It runs on an innovative technology and uses the principle of direct heating. The product is a result of our team’s continuous efforts in R&D and we aspire to continue the same to bring new such products in the market regularly.

Our Methodology

Our Methodology for consistent & measurable quality objectives and performance indicators at relevant functions and levels

  • Effective implementation of applicable quality standards
  • A high degree of process control for manufacturing products to meet customer requirements
  • Constant commitment to meet and exceed customer’s expectations for product quality & performance at a competitive price by motivating and involving people, upgrading technology, implementing and continually improving the effectiveness of the quality system
  • Enhancing internal and external customers’ satisfaction levels
  • Adherence to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Adherence to the environment, health and safety (EHS) requirements at the workplace and continuous improvement in house-keeping (5S)