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Become a Dealer – Partner with a Pioneer.

Anil Engineering offers an opportunity to set up your own dealership anywhere in India for all of our products. You’ll be embracing a 52-year-old legacy and working with some of the most modern, innovative and tech-savvy minds in the business. We’re the pioneers of Vaporizers in India and have established our company as the one-stop shop for all pressurized gas storage and handling needs.

Our Authorized Dealership Program Delivers:

Join the Anil Engineering family and enjoy the numerous benefits of becoming a distributor. Some of the advantages include:

Exclusive Access

Gain access to our extensive range of high-quality products, including LPG storage tanks and patented LPG vaporizers.

Competitive Pricing

Enjoy competitive pricing and attractive margins on our products, ensuring profitable business growth.

Marketing Support

Receive comprehensive marketing support, including promotional materials and digital marketing assistance, to help you expand your reach and boost your sales.

Technical Training

Benefit from our in-depth technical training programs, providing you with the knowledge and expertise to effectively promote and sell our products.

Dedicated Support

Experience unparalleled customer service and assistance from our team of technical experts, ensuring smooth business operations and prompt resolution of any issues.

Brand Power

Customers trust Anil Engineer’s products for their exceptional quality and reliability.

Innovation-Led Products

We constantly introduce new products in the market backed by new technologies and cutting-edge innovation.

Looking for a Competitive Edge in the Market? Fill out the Contact Form to Get Started:

To become a distributor, simply fill out our Distributor Application Form and our team will get in touch with you shortly.