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Our Projects

Anil Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (AEPL), also undertakes Turn-key Projects from concept to commissioning, of Petroleum, LPG Bulk Storage Facilities and Methanol Storage Systems. We specialize in turnkey projects like bulk LPG & NH3 Storage Handling Systems, small Scale LNG/CNG Storage Systems, LNG Filling Station, ALDS, LPG Bottling Plants, LOT Systems, Fuel Conversions Systems and more.

Cryogenic Filling Plant

We can design cryogenic filling plants with the required backup systems, storage, and gas delivery pressures as per the demanding industry application. Our standardized designs with modular configurations help us ensure quick and responsive delivery to align with critical client project requirements.

Non Cryogenic Filling Plant

Our non-cryogenic filling plants are compact and operate at near-ambient pressure and temperature. After installation, they can be brought on-line in less than 30 minutes. We can support clients throughout the entire process of installation and operation of the non-cryogenic filling plants and offer lifetime maintenance support, too.

LPG Bullet Projects

We specialize in LPG/Propane bullets and deliver end-to-end project support with pumping, civil work, electrical work, piping, instrumentation and protection facilities for plant operation. The LPG bullets are useful for saving liquid petroleum gases safely and efficiently. We manufacture them using robust materials for use in various industrial utilities. We’ve built LPG bullets following the ASME design code and can customize them as per client requirements.