DriX Pro Vaporizer

Dri X Pro

A highly efficient waterless LPG vaporizer with compact design. India's First Patented Technology

Key Features

  •  Provides more LPG vaporization at a very compact size and affordable price.
  • Achieved by aluminium body and self regulatory heaters.
  •  Temperature sensing bulb senses the temperature and operates the inlet valve.
  •  Liquid LPG is heated and vapourised.
  • Self regulatory heaters are provided to vapourise the liquid.

Key Benefits

  • Dry electrically heated.
  • No thermostat, No corrosion
  •  Self-regulating heaters
  •  Easy for maintenance
  •  Compact in size & light weight
  •  Easy to install and wall mount

The Best Use For

  • Suitable for customers who use LPG consumption is 25 Kg/hr to 50 kg/hr.
  • Ideal for Small LOT installation.
  • For Hotels, Caterers & Restaurants where space is a major constraint.
  • In Printing industries to maintain & control temperature.
  • In Bakery that uses direct-fired Oven, Peel Brick Oven etc.
Type Electrically heated Dry
Service LPG
Capacity 30 & 150 
Test Pressure Hydro 450 psi 
Test Pressure Pneumatic NA
Water Temp Deg C 75-80 
Water Requirement NA
Power Supply 415 v
Power Phase 3ph
MOC heat exchanger Mild Steel
MOC coil/ tube NA
Part Number 115/30 115/50 115/100 115/150
Water Capacity NA NA NA NA
Liquid Inlet Size 1/2″×300# 1/2″×300# 1″×300# 1″×300#
Vapour Outlet Size 1/2″×300# 1/2″×300# 1″×300# 1″×300#