EX Pro (Heat Exchange) Vaporizer

EX Pro (Heat Exchange) Vaporizer

EX Pro are heat exchanger vapourizers that consist of a stainless steel coil, immersed in a hot water bath wherein the heaters are provided to heat the water. Liquid LPG enters the coil at the bottom and gets vapourized as it travels through it and the LPG vapour leaves at the top. It is ideal for LPG consumption from 50 to 5000 kg/hr.

Key Features

  • Digital controller with digital display
  • Inbuilt water controller
  • Electrical solenoid valve to control Liquid Inlet

Key Benefits

  • Inbuilt safety valve & water temperature settings.
  • High-quality insulation with Aluminum cladding to ensure minimum heat loss.
  • Specially designed heaters with 2 years warranty.
  • Stainless Steel coil provided to ensure rust resistance & a long life span

The Best Use For

  • Suitable for customers who use LPG consumption at higher capacities 1000kg/hr to 5000kg/hr.
  • Suitable for high consumption industrial application

Safety Features

  • All electrical items are enclosed in a flameproof enclosure.
  • Safety valves are provided on LPG outlet side
  • LPG liquid supply stops if the water temperature falls below the set temperature.
  • The water heater is cut off if the water temperature crosses the set temperature.
  • LPG coil made of Stainless steel to avoid corrosion.
Type Electrically heated water bath with heat exchanger type
Capacity 50 to 1000
Test Pressure Hydro 500 psi
Test Pressure Pneumatic 200 psi
Water Temp Deg C 75-80
Water Requirement Make up
Power Supply 415 v
Power Phase 3ph
MOC heat exchanger Mild Steel
MOC coil/ tube NA

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