MX Pro (Mini) Vaporizer

MX Pro (Mini) Vaporizer

Anil Engineering's compact vaporiser, MX Pro (Mini) is designed for LPG Consumption of up to 30 kg/hr or 50 kg/hr. It is suitable for restaurants, kitchens, company canteen, bakeries, etc. as it is a wall-mounting type vapourizer that occupies minimum space. MX Pro as an in-built safety valve & water temperature settings, too.

Key Features

  •  Digital controller with digital display
  • In built water Level controller
  • Electrical solenoid valve to control Liquid Inlet
  • Wall mounting design for ample floor space.

Key Benefits

  • Simple electrical design with top rated safety features,
  • In-built safety valve & water temperature settings.
  • Insulation with Aluminium cladding for minimum heat loss.
  • Specially designed heaters with 2 years warranty.
  • Water bath Tank made up of SS 304 ensures a long life span.
  • Stainless Steel Coil for rust resistance & long life span

The Best Use For

  • For LPG consumption is 50 Kg/hr to 200 kg/hr.
  •  For Small LOT installation.
  • Where space is a major constraint.
  • For Hotels, Caterers & Restaurants
  • In Printing industries to maintain & control temperature.
  • In Bakery that uses direct-fired Oven, Peel Brick Oven etc.

Safety Features

  •  Flameproof enclosure to all electrical items
  •  Safety valves provided on LPG Vapour line
  • Manual override for water safety relief valve.
  •  Auto LPG liquid cut off on water temperature falls.
  • Auto Water heater cut off.
  • Stainless Steel Coil to avoid corrosion
Type Electrically heated Water Bath
Capacity 30 & 50
Test Pressure Hydro 500 psi
Test Pressure Pneumatic 200 psi
Water Temp Deg C 75-80
Water Requirement Make up
Power Supply 415 v
Power Phase 3ph
MOC heat exchanger Mild Steel
MOC coil/ tube NA
Part Number 111/ 30 111 / 50
LxBxH (mm) 915*920*1310 935*1145*1309
Water Capacity 11 13
Heat Load(kw) 6 6
Liquid Inlet Size 1/2″ x 300# 1/2″ x 300#
Vapour Outlet Size 1/2″ x 300# 1/2″ x 300#

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